455 Best Skateparks in the World

There are many important factors to consider when choosing a place to try your newest skating skill. Of course, for the ones privileged enough to live close to a skatepark, that is a no-brainer. That being said, it is nice to dream about the best places in the world every once in a while.

Whether you started googling or just accessed Shralpin for the best tips on skateboard parks, you will soon realize how diverse and amazingly interesting some places can be. Take Lake Cunningham Skate Park, for instance. Located in San Jose, California, it is the biggest park in the state at 68,000 square feet.

If you decide to adventure abroad, there will always be options too. Concrete Waves is a park located in Newquay, England, and it cost the local government over 600,000 euros. It is less than four years old, so you would most certainly feel like you are in a brand-new project.

Indoor Skateparks

Another option for any skate lover out there, are the indoor parks. For anyone that used to play, or still does play, some of Tony Hawk’s best old-school games, indoor parks are one of the coolest things. Their ramps often feel smoother, there are tons of different and unique metal bar patterns, and the environment feels very welcoming. After all, everyone within your sight there loves skateboarding as much as you.

A few good examples in the United States are the Spot, in Florida (which operates a powerful A/C for hot summer days), Burnside Park in Commonwealth, Oregon, and the Cream City in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Look them up and you will see how cool and unique they all are. 

Indoor parks in places like Oregon, for one, are especially important considering how often rainy days come, and we all know how the weather can ruin a good skating experience.

Size doesn’t matter

Although California’s 68,000 square feet skatepark is indeed enormous, the title of the biggest skateboard in the world remains with Guangzhou Skatepark, in Guangzhou, China. But as you can imagine, with the right mood, you could have fun even at Mills Ends Park, in Portland, considered the smallest park in the world at only two feet. That size does not intimidate skateboard enthusiasts that go there just for the fun of it. 

So, whether you choose to go with a big or small venue, remember that more often than not, you are the one that dictates how fun everything will be.

Although there is the thrill to just go downtown and figure out unique ways to have fun and practice skills – like in this video: Skateboard parks will always have a special place in every skater’s heart.

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