5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Esports

Esports is an extension of the traditional sports industry. Players are still competing with each other on a platform to win. But now, the platform has changed to a virtual one. Other than that, most of the things are similar. You can play alone or play with a team like female esports teams.

Five Things You Might Not Have Known Before

1. Trained Professionals

Unlike the popular opinion that only kids and teenagers engage in video games, it is not so in real life. Although anyone can participate in an esportsgame, top leagues are different. Highly trained professionals compete to win the title of the world championship. If you wish to join them, you have to raise your skill level high enough to compete with the other world champions.

2. Prizes

Unlike traditionalsports, where the prizes for winning are usually trophies, esports competitions take it a step further. They do not stop at just awards, and the winners receive prize money. And the amount of the prize is not tiny either, and it can go up as high as millions. If there are male or female esports teams, the money is divided among all the members.

3. Recognized By Countries

This may be surprising, but several countries recognize esports as a legitimate sport. One of them is the United States of America, and they have given esports the same status as the other sports. Even the gamers participating in these championships are considered professional athletes and are treated as such.

4. Viewership

Video game championships catch the attention of many viewers all across the globe. It is estimated that there are over 500 million esports viewers globally. And the number is expected to increase even more in the upcoming years. The large viewership is primarily because of the popularity of the games that the gamers compete in. The competitions can essentially happen for any video game. But it is usually the popular games such as League of Legends that attract the most attention and viewers.

5. Profits

Esports is not just for the viewers and the players. Investors and business people also have their eyes set on them. They have been considering the current value of the esports industry for quite some time. Worth billions, the industry continues to grow each year rapidly. It receives sponsorships from various brands as well as investments from well-known celebrities. 

Final Overview

These were some of the most imperative and foremost facts that you probably did not know about Esports. Be sure to conduct a thorough research online to gain more information about this topic.

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