Battery Prices for Electric Bikes

In recent months, it has become far more expensive for us to get our hands on certain materials. Some of this is because there is a major shortage of materials in the market, but there is also an increased demand for many things. 

Unfortunately, this means that we have to increase our prices to accommodate the increase we are experiencing. High-capacity 18650 cells for batteries are being temporarily increased. 

We will be increasing the price by $100 for what we hope will be a short period. 

Why Are Prices Going Up? 

The entire country is experiencing shortages in supplies right now. We are not left untouched by these shortages. The companies that we rely on for these battery cells have raised their prices significantly in recent months. Their price increases are based on supply and demand as well. 

Companies like Samsung, LG, and Panasonic have increased their cell costs by more than 160% because of the shortage of materials. It is because of their heavy increase that we are forced to also increase our prices on specific batteries for the time being. 

How Long Will the Increase Last? 

Please understand that we sincerely hope this will be a temporary increase in prices. We assume that, as the shortage is covered and supplies are no longer so challenging to get, these companies will again lower their prices. 

Our prices are based on the prices of our distributors, so our increase will remain in place until they reduce their prices to a reasonable range again. 

Our hope is that this shortage and price increase will not last for more than a few months. However, we are unable to guarantee a specific timeframe as we are ultimately at the mercy of the distributors and the availability of supplies. 

What Should You Do? 

If at all possible, we recommend that you wait to purchase a new or replacement battery. If you’re just looking to have an extra battery on hand and you can hold out for a bit, we hope to see prices decrease in the next several months. 

If you are in desperate need of an eBike battery, you may have no choice but to go ahead and purchase a replacement battery at the increased cost. We are encouraging customers to hold out for reduced prices if at all possible. We also believe this could be helpful in reducing the shortage. 

It’s a combined and ongoing effort regarding battery prices for electric bikes. 

We apologize for this increase in costs. Again, we hope that this will be a temporary increase until the shortage issue passes! 

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