Common Ping Pong Injury and How You Can Avoid Them

You might think it is a bit extreme to consider ping pong or the professional version known as table tennis as dangerous sports. It might seem that very few ping pong players are ever seriously injured by the sport.

Although this is true often, professional players have suffered injuries that ended their careers. Although ping pong is not as dangerous as boxing or rugby, it can still cause serious injuries to amateur and professional players. How to avoid table tennis injuries? The answer can be found below. 

  1. Ankle Sprain

After playing for a while, most ping pong players will experience ankle sprains from the intense play. It is important to understand that table tennis can cause severe injuries to the lower body. This injury can occur when you make a sudden turn or put too much effort into your stroke if you are not perfectly balanced.

Sprained ankles are more severe than other ping pong injuries. Instead, you should try to get in a position that is ready as soon as possible after you have fired a shot.

Avoid spraining your ankle. It’s easier to roll your ankle after the first sprain.

  1. Knee Injury

Knee injuries look very similar to ankle strains. They are caused by the unpredictable actions of players when they try to save points or deliver a shot. It is also a common injury in training.

You can reduce the likelihood of injuring your knee by working quickly to get back in a position where you are ready to receive the return. It is likely that you will soon find yourself in the same position as before.

  1. Tennis Elbow

As with the other injuries, elbow strain and tennis elbow are caused by poor technique. If you strain your elbow while playing backhand, it is possible to injure it. Sometimes, poor delivery can make the injury worse. This is when the energy from your delivery can be redirected into your elbow or wrist, causing injury.

A serious injury to the elbow can cause severe pain and may take many years before it heals. It is even more important that you learn proper techniques and consult a doctor immediately if you feel any discomfort.

  1. Shoulder pain

Your elbow is the most mobile joint in your body when you play table tennis. This joint is constantly exposed to a wide variety of motions and movements.

You don’t need to press down on your shoulder while playing ping pong. Energy is more efficient if it’s evenly distributed from your center mass. You can avoid injury by improving your weight transfer and your technique.

  1. Calf Strain

A calf strain is caused by excessive use of the calf muscles during a game, without taking time to rest. You don’t even need to play at all. Standing for long periods before or between games can cause injury. A calf strain is possible when you consider the quick turns and twists you make during a game.

Resting during practice sessions and tournaments can help to avoid calf strains. Intersperse intense play with periods of rest to strengthen your calves, and get ready for the challenge of a competitive match.

The Final Word

We all will eventually suffer from one of these injuries while playing ping pong. We can prevent minor injuries from turning into chronic ones that could eventually stop us from playing ping pong. 

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