Durag One of the Best Fashion Statement for People

Many people are there who love fashion and love to walk with the latest trends. Since ancient times, there was the fashion of wearing accessories like chains, necklaces, earrings, and much more. Also, there was a fashion of wearing head accessories too like scarves, and others. And, this fashion is still in existence and people still love wearing these head accessories of various kinds. Head accessories have been in fashion for ages and in the fashion industry for a long time. The headscarf has been in the fashion of late. African traditional head wrap is also among the most popular ones that get sold and people wear.

Durag To Protect Against Sun – 

 One such beautiful piece of headwear or accessory that you can buy is Durag-shop. It is one of the most beneficial head accessories. You can wear a Durag to protect yourself from the sun. It is one of the best accessories with which you can protect your head against sun, water, and dust too. You also get plastic Durag, besides getting the Durag of other materials. Durag is one of the most affordable pieces of headwear that you can ever get. Many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities have used the Durag as a fashion statement and style statement.

Famous People with Durag – 

Even on British Vogue Cover, there are Pics of Rihana wearing a Durag. For the summer season, Durag is one of the best head accessories that you can use to shield yourself against the sun. It protects against hair damage too. The 10 most random celebrity durag wearers are – 1) Steven Seagal 2) Kevin Federline, 3) Hulk Hogan, 4) Aaron Ruel, 5) Jamie Kennedy, 6) John Travolta, 7) Spooky Black, 8) Sacha Baron Cohen, 9) Terrence Howard, and 10) Rihana are some of the celebrities who have worn Durag. Durag has been in their style statement and many people loved it.

Different Styles of Durag – 

There is a different style of Durag that is available. You can get a different Durag for females and a different style durag for men. The Durag which women wear is most of the time has a bow on the side. Whereas, the Durag that men wear don’t have a bow. So, there is a difference between these two Durags. So, when you choose to buy a Durag make sure you check the size, design, style, and color before buying one. To know more about the best durag you can check online or in the link mentioned above.

Who Wears a Durag – 

For many people, durag represented pride in natural hair. People who are having threadbare heads or hair can also use a durag. Besides that, people who have tonsure heads can also wear a durag and they do mostly wear a durag. Durag is mainly worn to maintain the natural oil in the hair, to stop the breakage of hair, and there are many reasons why people wear a durag. Durag is also worn by many African –American cultures as an identity-making fashion. Durags were used in the 1930s to maintain the hairstyles. During the black pride movement, durag became a fashion statement among Hispanic and black men.

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