Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania Supplies an Introduction to United Egg Producer Certification

Egg Producer Certification


United Egg Producers (UEP) certification is a voluntary program. This program is developed by the United Egg Producers, which is a cooperative of egg farmers in america. There are numerous well-established UEP licensed egg farms within the nation, akin to Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania. UEP basically is a commerce group that represents the pursuits of economic egg producers. Their certification program establishes tips for animal welfare and meals security practices for egg farms.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania discusses what it means to be UEP licensed

United Egg Producers UEP is a Capper-Volstead cooperative that works collaboratively to deal with regulatory, legislative, and advocacy issues that influence egg manufacturing. They meet their goals with the assistance of energetic farmer-member management, in addition to unified voice and partnership throughout the agriculture group. Any one who needs to purchase eggs from a farm that prioritizes the welfare of the hens, ought to hold a watch out for the UEP Licensed seal.

UEP has managed to develop a spread of tips that places emphasis on the optimum well-being of the hens. These tips are backed by years of suggestions and analysis from an unbiased Scientific Advisory Committee. Right this moment greater than 90% of the eggs which might be produced in america have a tendency to return from UEP licensed farms like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania. These farms voluntarily take part in UEP Licensed program and choose to open their farms to unbiased auditors. Eggs which have UEP Licensed seal on the carton suggest that these eggs come from a farm that is ready to meet or exceed the necessities of the UEP certification.

5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare are among the many key guideline of the UEP Licensed Program. Listed here are these freedoms that are supposed to be sure that eggs at a farm have high quality of life:

  • Freedom from starvation and thirst: Hens need to be supplied with contemporary water and an enough amount of feed always.
  • Freedom from discomfort as a result of atmosphere: Hens shall be housed in an atmosphere that’s suited to their wants. They need to be capable of freely transfer across the area and have entry to areas to relaxation or nest.
  • Freedom to specific regular conduct for the species: Hens need to be supplied with sufficient area to specific regular conduct like scratching, perching, and dirt bathing.
  • Freedom from ache, harm, or illness: Hens will need to have entry to enough veterinary care and safety in opposition to ailments, in addition to stress attributable to different animals within the flock.
  • Freedom from concern or misery: The hens ought to get to reside in a stress free atmosphere, and be dealt with in a humane method.

All UEP licensed egg farmers like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania adhere to those 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare. These tips permit egg farmers to make it possible for their hens live in an atmosphere the place they will stay protected and wholesome. UEP licensed program covers numerous facets of egg manufacturing, together with hen housing methods, flock administration, pest management, feed high quality, and well being care, and is widely known throughout the US.

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