Leading Edge IR Sensing Technologies For Improved Industrial Efficiency


An infrared sensor is an electronic instrument that comes in handy to determine specific characteristics of a surrounding. The sensor has several capabilities, and one is measuring the heat emitted by a particular object while also detecting motion. Excelitas Technology provides a thermal IR sensor that represents a variety of Pyroelectric Detectors, Thermopile Detectors, and IR sensor modules. The company’s leading-edge IR sensing technologies get used for various functions, including motion detection, monitoring presence, measuring temperature, and detecting gases to facilitate home safety and improve energy efficiency. Additionally, the company specializes in customized solutions to meet specific individual needs and provide protection and comfort. The various thermal infrared sensing solutions include:

IR Linear and 2D Sensor Array Modules

The IR Linear and 2D Sensor Array Modules get made based on IR sensor Thermopile technology. All the arrays are provided in plug-and-play mechanisms that feature sensing chips, robust metal housing that comes with focus lenses, a PCB with a microprocessor that facilitates calibration, and a bus interface with a quick connector for streamlined plug and plays integration. Additionally, the module provides 8-pixel, 16-pixel Linear IR Imager Array Modules that provide proven effectiveness in presence scanning detection, non-contact temperature measurement, smart-home products, and office electronics. Also, the professionals provide custom solutions to meet the unique client needs upon their requests. Some of the products provided include CoolEYE Line Arrays and CoolEYE IR 2D modules. The CoolEYE Line Arrays consist of three versions for various non-contact temperature measurement applications. On the other hand, the CoolEYE IR 2D comes suitable for several applications and ranges from the linear 8-pixel sensor to the 32 pixels in linear or 2D configurations. Additionally, different views and calibration ranges are available to support unique customer needs.

Thermopile Detectors and Sensors

Excelitas Technologies provides typical or sensor Thermopiles that come with integrated Thermistor, which provide analog output in various packages. The company offers special designs that include built-in lenses or reflectors which enhance the performance. The designs also come with isothermal constructions or dual narrow-band windows that improve their performance. In addition, the company provides their latest Thermopile Sensors which include specially designed electronic circuitry that includes calibration, digital output, and functionality. Also, the company has  DigPile, which offers unique designs for measurement applications with digital production, and the device does not require any low noise amplification. Thermopiles’ surface-mount devices provide individuals with significant space efficiency and streamlined integration. The various products include Thermopile sensors, thermopile modules, and Thermopile detectors.

The IR sensor Thermopile detectors enable the leading-edge temperature measurement applications that include smart home and smart appliances, intelligent thermostats, and HVAC control systems, among other devices. On the other hand, the thermopile modules incorporate several Thermopile sensors and detectors that get mounted on small PCBs with connectors that facilitate plug-and-play integration. Also, the Thermopile detector comes available in TO-46, TO-5, and compact SMD housings.

Pyroelectric IR Detectors and Sensors

The Pyroelectrics come available in single, dual, and quad-element configurations that provide a wide range of several-sized infrared sensor surfaces. The configurations enhance both performance and sensitivity, representing the innovative forefront within the mid-IR sensor devices. The family of the DigiPyros comes in handy for smart home and smart sensing applications with low current requirements. Some of the products provided include Single-Element Pyrodetectors, Four-Element Pyrodetectors, and Dual-Element Pyrodetectors.

The Single-Element Pyrodetectors are applied for IR sensor temperature and gas measuring application using one channel or dual channel variants as the output per element. The Single-Element variants get offered as thermally compensated devices. Four-Elementary Pyrodetectors has four sensing features that can get figured out in several geometrical forms. The most advanced brand is Quad, which consists of two pairs of elements in a square form layout. Additionally, the elements have different variations that have been made possible with the spacing and polarity of the features. The Dual-Element Pyrodetectors have gotten well established as the performance standard for motion detection. The company designs have two sensing elements connected in reverse polarity, enabling an AC signal with motion and very common-mode rejection for non-moving radiation. Additionally, the Dual-Element Pyrodetectors cover the advanced family of DigiPyros, which includes the Low-Power DigiPyros for battery-operated motion detection.

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