Tips and Tricks to Make Your Client Happy


Although you can’t make all people happy, this line doesn’t apply to an agency or business organization because you have to retain all clients here. At this point, your customer service plays a vital role in building a strong relationship with clients and making them happy. According to a report, about 91% of customers don’t complain and simply leave.

No one can afford the loss of 91% of unhappy customers and so you have to look for the ideal ways to make your clients happy. If you are looking for such tips and tricks, you’re not alone.

5 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Clients Happy

Making your clients happy is critical for your business. Here are some tips to improve your customer service and grow your business to a large extent.

Provide Regular Updates

If you are hired for any task, you must keep them updated. Keeping the clients updated prevents future conflicts and improves communication as well. Schedule periodical calls to keep them happy and let them know about the project’s progress. Keeping the client posted helps sort out any project issue, and everything works in the streamline.

Understand Their Business

The client-agency relationship should be very crystal clear and must not contain any ambiguity. You can’t help anyone if you don’t understand their needs. By fully understanding the client’s business, you can quickly provide them with the desired task. This is when both client and organization get on the same page.

Reply to Your Emails Promptly

If some organization hires you, you must have an active email account. Secondly, always reply to your emails on time because clients deal with everything on email and they don’t have a week to wait for your email. Quick email reply shows how dedicated and committed you are for the client’s business, and this thing appeals to a client too.

Offer Multi-Channel Support

Communication should be easier for your customer. For this purpose, you have to offer multi-channel support because customers use various channels, so it will be convenient for them to use your support option.

Such support channels include live chat, phone call support, email support, social media support and other support channels. This is how you can communicate and share feedback with clients on their preferred channel.

Run Relevant Promotions and Discounts

Promotions and deals offer a great way to make your clients happy. Offer customers promotions and deals to build trust and yield strong relationships. Successful people like Larry Weltman Toronto always go for these tricks to make their clients happy. Offering clients discounts brings more potential clients as well.


You may have heard that customers are always right, which is a very true line in the business world. The number one priority of any businessman is getting potential clients and retaining customers. Here, we would like you to read about Larry Weltman (Toronto-based entrepreneur) and know his favorite tips and tricks. Additionally, this article will help you understand your customers and provide them with excellent customer service to make progress in this competing world.

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