What Is Platelet Treatment And How It Works?


What is Platelet Treatment?

Platelet therapy involves the use of concentrated blood plasma which contains more healthy platelets than the normal blood flowing in the body. Plus, the enriched blood contains PDGF or platelet-derived growth factors, VEGF or Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors, TGF or Transforming Growth Factors, and different bioactive proteins that help in effective skin rejuvenation.

Platelet therapy is the name given to a medical procedure that involves drawing blood from the patient, processing it and injecting it into the scalp to promote skin rejuvenation.

Platelet Treatment in Melbourne is a facial rejuvenation treatment in which healthy plasma from the patient’s blood is used to stimulate cell migration and collagen production that helps to eliminate the wrinkles, folds and fine lines.

The results of a successful platelet therapy include a subtle, natural-looking youthful skin that is very long-lasting. The Platelet Treatment in Melbourne is non-surgical and minimally invasive with no risk for any allergic reactions. Moreover, platelet-rich plasma therapy can effectively treat most of your skin concerns in any part of the body without causing side effects risks. Therefore, the PRP theory is best suited for patients who seek injectable filler treatment for facial aesthetics.

How does Platelet Treatment work?

Platelets are defined as cells within the body that help the tissues with the healing and production of new cells. Enriched platelets, sourced from the patient’s blood, are administered into the targeted areas of the facial skin. The therapy creates a conducive environment in the targeted area for the growth of new collagen and elastin. This activity regenerates new skin tissues to make your skin smoother, tighter and youthful. Platelet therapy helps to soften the wrinkles, create an even skin tone and texture, to provide the most delightful and natural skin rejuvenation and revitalization results.

Benefits of Platelet Treatment for skin rejuvenation

Platelet Treatment in Melbourne for skin rejuvenation  has many benefits  that include:


Unlike other surgical procedures of facial aesthetics and skin rejuvenation, platelet therapy is a non-surgical treatment. In this treatment, the platelet-rich plasma is extracted from the blood sample of the patient and is injected into the targeted area of their facial skin with the help of a special microneedle.

Quick procedure

As it is a non-surgical procedure, the therapy treatment is very swift and takes very little time; sometimes, only up to 30 minutes. Once the enriched plasma is inserted into the area, it initiates an injury response in the area. The growth and healing factors in the plasma work to enhance cell regeneration in the top layer of the skin. This enhances the texture of the skin and results in an improved aesthetic appearance of the skin.


Platelet therapy is a swift process, but the results are long-lasting. After the completion of successive treatment sessions as recommended by the dermatologists, the patient will experience optimal skin rejuvenation results that would last for almost 2 years.

Natural treatment

Platelet Treatment in Melbourne is a natural treatment for skin rejuvenation as it doesn’t involve the use of any synthetic compounds, but the plasma enriched blood sourced from the patient. Therefore, this therapy rejuvenates your skin naturally, further reducing the risks of any long term side effects or health risks.

How many platelet treatment sessions are required for skin rejuvenation?

The number of platelet treatment sessions for skin rejuvenation is different for different people. It mainly depends on the type and sensitivity of the skin of each patient. In general, the patient may need to undergo  3-4 treatment sessions at one-month intervals. During the first year of treatment, the cosmetic physician can suggest you undergo treatment sessions every 6 or 12 months. The platelet growth factors first have to act and stimulate tissue growth. Therefore, the results will become gradual as you undergo further treatments for skin rejuvenation. You can see the positive results within one month of undergoing platelet therapy for skin rejuvenation.

The platelet growth factors administered into the target area of the skin can :

  • Reorganize the skin cells and tissues
  • Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin: the essential protein-rich growth factors for skin cells and tissues.
  • Creates new blood cells that make the skin healthier

Platelet treatment is the best non-surgical cosmetic method for skin rejuvenation and revitalization. It is a swift procedure that doesn’t require any downtime or additional planning. You can go back to your routine almost immediately post the treatment. For this reason, platelet treatment is the most sought after cosmetic treatment for skin rejuvenation by men and women alike.

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