What are Japanese silk kimono robes?

Japanese robes are famous from ancient times, when we take a look into History we’ll come to know that only Samurai’s were used to wear that expensive silk kimonos, as they were the only one who can afford this expensive costume that time, but time has been changed and everyone can wear it as it is available in other synthetic fibers too which is cheaper than silk kimonos.

Whyare Japanese silk kimono robes expensive?

Silk fabric is famous worldwide as an expensive fabric which is obtained by after lots of hard work that is the reason that silk kimono is so expensive. And the reason behind its expensiveness is its structure. The structure of this garment is tough to sew. That the vast majority of seam and edges can’t be sewn by machines. It is finished and also attached with the blind stitches but the traditional fabric which is used to make a kimono is silk. It’s true that kimonos are available in synthetic fiber but the feel which provide silk kimono is awesome. There is no comparison between silk and other synthetic kimonos. That is the reason that silk kimono robe long are expensive than other robes.

What are the benefits if you wear silk robes?

There are lots of benefits of wearing silk robes  in which the first one is It improve eczema or skin asthma condition, second one is It slows down aging which means is silk has natural amino acid which has anti aging property. It may reduce wrinkles and can help to maintain a youthful look or skin. Third one is it improves sleeping condition, last but not the least It has antifungal element which protect us with various fungal infection.

Where kimono was generally originated?

Kimonos were originated from Japan which was wore by Kings in ancient times but gradually it became all time favorite of their citizens as well as all people of Japan made it a traditional outfit which was used to worn in special occasions, festivals, as well as weddings. 

Japanese kimono is very tough to manufacture as its design is very complicated and vast to sew. It can’t be seen by machines due to its complicated layers as well as its design. It can be sewn only by hands which led its expensiveness. No doubt it’s a traditional outfit but it can be afforded by selected people who are rich 

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