Where to Buy a Juul Charging Case for Your Juul


Juuls have been around for quite some time since their inception have really taken the smoking community by storm. They are easy to carry around, convenient to hit whenever needed, and don’t carry around the same invasive odor that comes with cigarettes. There are many upsides to smoking and owning a Juul if you are trying to quit cigarettes. They offer a great alternative that can help you completely wean off of and quit cigarettes for good!

However, like most things, they do come with some negative attributes. Owning a Juul, as easy and convenient they are, can come with their own specific downsides. The most well known characteristic of a Juul, which is something that makes it so popular and useful, is their size. Juuls are reminiscent of a USB drive and are about the same size. I’m sure that you’ve misplaced or completely lost a USB drive at least once in your life while attending school.

The same goes for frequent Juulers. If you are someone that is constantly on the go or living an active lifestyle, it can be very easy to misplace or lose your Juul. You can either lose them in your other pair of pants, lose them at the bottom of your big purse, or have them all scattered in various places in your car. Losing your Juul is very easy to do.

It can become expensive to constantly have to replace the devices and pods that are lost, so it does really come at a cost to you if you easily misplace your Juul devices. While any type of habit like the one that is with a Juul can be expensive, it will cost you more by just always having to head to your gas station or local store to buy a replacement.

On the other hand, what if you don’t constantly lose your Juul. Well, good on you for being super responsible, but the other issue that goes hand in hand with a Juul is their battery life. Depending on how much you hit your Juul during the day or how old your device is, you could be running out of battery very quickly.

The next worst thing about having a Juul other than losing it, is to have your battery run out when you’re in the middle of running errands, out with friends, or doing some other activity that won’t allow you to quickly charge it.

Plus, the chargers that are used to charge up your beloved Juul are even smaller than the actual Juul itself, making the charger very easy to misplace or lose too. Well, to avoid any of these issues, one would maybe suggest to stop using the Juul altogether. But, if you’re trying to stay away from cigarettes, Juuls are a lifesaver.

So, to avoid both of these problems at the same time, you don’t have to resort to bring an extra Juul device or an extra charger with you at all times, that is just too inconvenient and can be unsustainable. Instead, buy a Juul charging case.

A Juul charging case is an ingenious solution to both of the most common problems that come with owning a Juul. Not only can you keep your Juul near you at all times, you can simultaneously charge it, so yu’ll never go with a lost or dead Juul ever again.

The makers from Vaportonix bring your the VQ Volt. A Juul charging case that you can hook onto whatever flat surface you want. Check out this amazing product at vqvolt.com

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